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Von WonneBeasT (Mudbusters) ,

Ich habe mal nachgefragt, hört sich nach nem guten Ansatz an, aber zeitgleich nach dem selben "Blabla" von den Vorgängern. Ich bin aber sehr gespannt, ob das was wird. Was sagt Ihr?


Lars Wonneberger Hi, what is the purpose? There are no informations about goals, etc.?
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Michel de Jong The objective of the EOSF are, but are not limited to:

* To represent, promote and support OCR and Obstacle Sports in Europe;

To set up, enact, administer and enforce rules governing OCR and to
ensure that in championships and competitions, that such rules shall be

* To facilitate and promote knowledge sharing and exchange of information between the Members;

* To aid the interests and wellbeing of the Members;

Upon request and in agreement with its Members, to develop specific
services for its Members in unique areas which avoid duplication and

* Arrange the annual election for the hosting of the OCR European Championships;

* Promote and support OCR and Obstacle Sports for children and people with a disability;

* Aid non-represented countries to establish national associations;

To undertake and/or do all such things or activities as are necessary,
incidental or conducive to the advancement of its mission and
objectives. Represent, promote & support OCR & Obstacle Sports
in Europe.

EOSF will also be working closely with
events, the OSF (International sport governing body), national sports
councils & Olympic committees to ensure all actions are in keeping
with best practice & for the betterment of the sport.
Vielen Dank an unsere Partner für die Unterstützung !!!